BELGA pool

A Cardano pool brewed in Belgium

Graslei, Gent
51°3'18.0"N, 3°43'14.9"E

Discover BELGA

Our mission

BELGA pool is a Cardano staking pool from Belgium, brewed in Grimbergen (yes, the beer) by ketjes and registered at epoch 249 (2021-02-24).

We believe in giving back to our community and helping those that are less fortunate. We donate 15% of the pool owners rewards, so not your rewards, to La Ferme Nos Pilifs.

The mission of La Ferme Nos Pilifs is to offer rewarding and remunerative jobs to people with (mental) handicaps. It is a King Baudouin Foundation registered non-profit organization located in Neder-over-Heembeek and proposes bio products from their own cultivation and many other activities for schools, kids and adults.

We are also part of the Mission Driven Pools alliance which is a collective of 87 mission-based Cardano stake pool operators with $29189 donated as of 2021-06-29.

Pool info

BELGA - afd458ac6ca85bbf719e0a7930461d711893edef07d3cedf33c4784e

0% margin fee

Lowest possible fee for maximum return

50k pledge

We buy ADA weekly to increase the pledge a time

Nano Ledger S

Pledge is protected by hardware wallet

99.95% uptime

Only downtime is for updating cardano-node to a new version

>400€ donated

At each block we donate 15% of our rewards to the NPO


All servers are firewalled and DDOS protected

Cloud servers

Servers are flexible cloud instances

Automatic backups

Every morning a snapshot is made of the servers


Active stake

Lifetime blocks

Do you want to stake with us?
Staking/delegating is 100% safe as your Cardano ADA never leave the wallet and are never locked. You can send your ADA at any time or move your staked ADA to another pool at any moment. You are always in control.


Relay and block producer nodes

Relay node #1

Relay node #2

Manneken Pis
Block producer


You make a difference

By staking your ADA with us, you help in decentralizing the Cardano network, you receive rewards and you help in making a difference.

Contact us

Keep in touch

If you have any questions, remarks or need some help, don't hesitate to contact us. We are active on Twitter, Telegram and Reddit.




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