BELGA pool is closing down

It is with sad regret that we have to take the difficult decision of closing down the pool. The reasons are multiple but without going much into details: personal health issues and we had the wrong idea on how a pool should be run. In our opinion, servers health, uptime and performance should be key factors for running a pool. Currently, a social exposure is far more important which is beyond our reach.

It was a nice adventure and one which we can be proud of. Servers never crashed, made a total of 400€ donations, the pool was part of the Mission Driven Pools alliance, redistributed some of the pool rewards to the delegators, made a NFT for our delegators with the iconic Manneken Pis (which is now in the cardano-token-registry) and above all, we helped in decentralizing the network.

End of the month of October, pool certificate will be retired and 2 epochs later the pool will cease to exist. This gives +- 1 month to re-delegate to another pool.

We would like to thank our loyal delegators for their support, the Mission Driven Pools alliance and the community for the help, guides and different tools that helped us immensely in operating the pool.

And now, time for a moules-frites with a Grimbergen Magnum Opus.